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National Animal Museum


Source:shuoba Date: 2017-10-26 Views:4066

National Animal Museum

Date: 18th November 2017 (Saturday)

Time: 9:30AM -- 12:00PM

Visiting: National Zoology Museum

Ticket: RMB40 per adult (Please bring along your passport or ID card)

Contact: Phiona 


Mobile: 18501016025

Signing Up Deadline: Before 6PM on 17th November

Leaders: HuHailing, ChenYu, ZhenYun


Meet at the entrance of National Animal Museum

Address: 1 Beichen Xi Lu, 5 Datun Lu, Zhongguo Kexue Yanjiuyuan (near the Olympic Park)

9:30am Start visiting
11:40amEnd of visiting
11:40amLunch time ( Dayali Roasted Duck restaurant)

The National Zoology Museum stores a vast collection of animal specimens, widely promotes and educates the study of zoology, describes and catalogs biodiversity.

The National Zoology Museum Exhibition displays the painstaking efforts and collective wisdom of several generations of Zoologists in China. The total built-up area of the Exhibition Hall is 7300 square meters, with an exhibition area of 5500 square meters, which is divided into three layers. The architectural design is similar to the French Natural History Museum. The Exhibition serves to promote the study of zoology, the protection of the environment, and the harmonious co-existence of Man and Nature.


The Exhibition relies on the strong research capabilities of the China Academy of Sciences (Institute of Zoology) to systematically combine scientific knowledge with animal specimens. And, through various displays and exhibiting methods, the Exhibition guides the viewers in their learning and understanding of the study of zoology, staring from the basic to the advanced knowledge levels.

The Exhibition Hall was officially opened on 17th May 2009, and was one of the ways in which the China Academy of Sciences (Institute of Zoology) serves the public. It is a base for the education of ecological civilization and promotion of scientific knowledge, and as a platform which brings the Institute’s researchers closer to the society they serve.


The Exhibition includes exhibits on animal diversity and evolution, invertebrates, birds, butterflies, insects, endangered animal, animal and human, animal products, and communication development. It also has a café, 4D interactive cinema, a specialty bookstore on zoology and an open lecture hall.


The Zoology Museum is opened daily except on Mondays. It receives over 300 visitors and is opened for 300 days in the year. Apart from the year-round exhibition, with the youth as its target audience, it also hosts short-term exhibits and series of lectures, in order to increase the public’s awareness of nature conservation.

The National Zoology Museum Exhibition will become an important and largest museum in China for the promotion of zoological knowledge, conservation of the ecological environment, and the harmonious co-existence of Man and Nature.


4D Films

The 4D cinema at the National Zoological Museum is located on the east side of the basement level, and can seat 48 people. In order to match the zoological theme, the museum has specially selected films relating to the evolution and diversity of animals, so that the audience whilst being entertained, can feel the greatness and stunning nature of Life.


Show times:

Tuesday – Friday: 1 film per day at 11:00AM. 

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: Please refer to the information provided by the Museum on the day.

Latest film:《 Blue Country》

Runtime: 11m 16s

Synopsis: Danny is a lively and naughty little dolphin, leading a leisurely and carefree life with his mother and sister in the ocean. However, on this day Danny has on several times, met with life threatening situations. Fortunately, with the friendship and love from the other creatures in the ocean, Danny can always turn peril into safety. Young viewers can experience the wonders of the underwater world, and learn about the different creatures in the ocean. This film uses the ocean as a backdrop, and the adventures of its main character, Danny the dolphin as its main storyline, to increase the viewers’ knowledge about the deep ocean, the different sea creatures and their living environment. It is an educational and entertaining animation movie.

《Return to the Permian Age》

Runtime: 16m 29s


Synopsis: 270 million years ago, the Earth had just come out of a long Ice Age. The skies were ruled by the Meganeura Monyi which had a wingspan of 70-80 centimeters, and the land was the kingdom of the Amphibians. In the middle of a cold lake, a Ichthyostega family ushered in a new member, Ban Ge came out of its shell and began its life’s journey. Whilst continuously experiencing all kinds of trials and tribulations, it gradually grows stronger in size, and in maturity, having experienced the wonders of love. However, just as happiness arrives, it meets with an unexpected disaster, cruelly destroying Ban Ge as part of the food chain. Apart from the large and magnificent ecological backdrop, and breathtaking hunting and killing scenes, the film also introduces the viewers to Diplocaulus, Eryops, Helicoprion, Prionosuchus and other Permian Age living organisms. The film had won the first prize in the 2011 China Special Effects “Kelei” Award, and was judged by experts to be one of the best original works in China. 



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