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Shuoba! Chinese Centre invites you to a game of “Escape from the Dungeons!”


Source: Date: 2017-06-23 Views:3048

Activity: Escape from the Dungeons

Asian Games Village (Yayunchun) shop

Time:3:30PM on Friday June 30th 2017 (approx. 2h

Meeting Place:You may choose to meet up at any of our Language Centres, and proceed to the activity venue with our teachers/staff, or meet us there (Level B1, 4th Building (south gate), Huixinyuan Xiaoqu, Huixin Xijie Beikou)

Registration fee:100/person (Cash only)

Registration deadline:Before 12 noon on Tuesday 20th June 2017

Who to

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Activity description:

Escape from the Dungeons aims to develop one’s sense of teamwork.

We will look for clues in different gaming environments, training our different ways of thinking, guided by the different clues, ultimately solving text puzzles. The team will need to solve mechanical puzzles, through their logic thinking, and physical activity, proceed from one stage to another. Teamwork is important as there are many stages which require a few people in a team to work together at the same time. Ultimately, for the whole team to successfully escape the dungeons together!Strongly recommended: Do NOT wear high heels or skirts. 

Programme of the Day:

We set off at 3:30PM, and meet at the activity venue. The entire activity takes about 2hours. After the game, we will take a group photo to remember the occasion.

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