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The Killing Game ——Shuoba! Chinese Language Centre


Source: Date: 2016-09-08 Views:1570

The Killing Game ——Shuoba! Chinese Language Centre


Who will be killed today?! Killers or Civilians?!

Prove that you are not the killer, otherwise we will kill you!!!

If all the civilians were killed, the killers win!!!

If all the killers were killed, the civilians win!!!

Ready to join us for the game!!! Please find the details as below.


Date: June 6th

Time: 16:00pm

Place: Shuoba! Wudaokou school

Ticket fee: No ticket fee


15:30pm Sign your name and get your name card

16:00pm Game rules explanation

16:20pm First turn

16:35pm Game starts formally

17:30pm Game over


10-20 people sit in a circle, we will decide each person’s character with the killing game poker: 1 judge, 1-2killers, others are civilians.


Game start, everyone close your eyes, killers open eyes and kill one person, the person who was killed out, then other people who are still alive open your eyes and discuss who you suspect were the killers, and kill one person by voting, then continually kill people in this way. If all the killers were killed first, the civilians win! If all the civilians were killed first, the killers win!


The purpose of this game is try to help all the Chinese learners to practice your Chinese in a real situation, you need to express in Chinese and let other people believe you are not the killer(even you are the killer in fact). And you will have a chance to meet other Shuoba students and make new friends, free snacks and coffee.


More good news:

If you are Shuoba students, you can get one free Chinese class by bringing your friends to the game(Max three free Chinese classes), and if one of them join Shuoba school class, you can get another two free Chinese classes.

If you want to join the game, please email/call us:


For English speakers, please contact: Luna Xing


Cellphone: +86 185 0101 6025

For Japanese speakers, please contact: You jun peng


Cellphone: +86 150 1141 7475

Customer Hotline: 4008-199-160

在线咨询 9:00-18:00