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Hou Hai Evening and Cats Cafe


Source:Shuoba Date: 2016-08-26 Views:4333

Hou Hai Evening and Cats Cafe

Hou hai(4, 3) is such an amazing place for having fun and exploring the Chinese culture, if you have already visited Great Wall, Summer palace and Forbidden city, Hou hai(4,3) will be my next suggestion.

Step one:

Enter from yan dai xie jie(1,4,2,1) to see all the stores and food, try the tasty mutton shashlik, chou dou fu(4,4,0), tang hu lu(2,2,0) and pearl milk tea(bubble tea).


Step two:

It is a night for relax, you will feel so good to just walk along the lake with several friends to see the beautiful views. 


Step three:

Get a cup of coffee at a nice cat cafe at hou hai(4,3) if you like cats, here’s a little reminder: don’t feed them too much since they already over weight and be nice!


Don’t miss this great place if you plan to visit China!

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