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Long Term Program


Long Term Program

Shuoba! course is the recommended choice for students, ranging from beginners to professionals who want to learn Chinese. We provide students with an all encompassing Chinese language learning system, in order to be language proficient in any real-life situation.

One-hour online multimedia self-learning ensures that students are well-prepared before classes. This is followed by two hours of face to face intensive and expansion classes, which enhance the learning experience. in the intensive class, the main vocabulary and grammar are explained in detail and practiced repeatedly, ensuring that the students are able to grasp all the knowledge that they have studied and become adept in the exact application of what they have learnt. In the expansion course the teachers will augment the vocabulary, build on the foundation of the knowledge learnt from the intensive teaching, in order that the students have a thought understanding of the language and achieve the aim of becoming fluent.


在线咨询 9:00-18:00