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Online Class


Shuoba! online class adopts Shuoba! special media system, it allows the students to do video with the teacher, in the meantime, teacher can show the teaching material to students. No matter where you live, you can study Chinese as long as you have a laptop, a microphone, an earphone and with good internet.

This is an intensive, live, one-on-one lesson just like a lesson in the classroom, for training your practical conversational ability. Instructors are professionals of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, who have taught foreigners with more than 1,000 hours of experience. Our Web Lessons utilize a dedicated web conference system with high-quality image and sound, rather than free systems like Skype; thus, there are no issues such as ‘voice lagging,’ that are often found in other common weblessons. Highly practical sound and video recording functions, as well as whiteboard functions are available. As the student would have prepared in advance through E-Learning, even beginners can attend this lesson without stress.

Reasonable Fees and Value Discount Plans in RMB



Reasonable Fees and Value Discount Plans in USD



You may cancel 1 scheduled lesson per week. Additional cancellations will be deducted from your total number of classes.

You may re-schedule a scheduled lesson. However, you are limited to 2 times per week only.

You may apply to extend the validity of the package once. The min. extension period is 1 month. 

An addtional 15% will be added for customized small group classes

Flow of Services

1.Click on APPLY NOW and Fill in the required items on the Form.

2.We will get back to you to confirm the contents in 24 hours.

3.We will check the state of your computer connection and discuss the desired course with you.

4.Payment for the course: Fees for the course, use of E-Learning and textbook fees are to be paid in advance.

We request that payments be made by bank transfer.

※ Various discounted plans and installment plans are also available.

5.Sending of textbook and materials: After the application for Web Lessons is completed, a textbook (separate fee), operation manual and lesson rules will be sent to you.

What to do to start a Web Lesson

1.Set up your PC: Setting up your computer is very easy. Just connect a camera and headset to your PC and install the dedicated software. 

※ Please check your computer and accessory equipment.

2.Make a reservation for a lesson on the dedicated system

3.We use a system on which you can make a reservation 24/7 from our school website. 

The date and time of lessons will be fixed as a general rule, but the date and time can be rescheduled until one day prior to the lesson. The lesson is conducted using a TV conference system with clear images and sound.

4.Starting the Web Lesson

The instructor will call you when it is time to begin, so simply respond to start the Web Lesson.

System of Support

1.PC set-up and operation explained simply

In the Web Lessons, Shuoba’s expert staff will explain how to set up and use the PC to 

those who are not sure about how it works, in ways that are easy to understand.

2.Feel free to ask questions and discuss the study methods

English-speaking Shuoba! staff who have studied Chinese can offer consultation before you apply, and can respond to questions about the lesson content or the learning method as needed.

3. We will support your continued learning in coordination with your instructor

In response to your particular needs, such as, “improving pronunciation,” “enhancing 

listening ability,” “usage in actual business situations,” we will work together with your instructor to accommodate your requests.

List of Web Lesson Courses

Shuoba Course (Great Wall Chinese) ※Comprehensive Conversation

These are the core textbook materials for the Web Lessons, which focus in particular on developing practical communication habits, as a comprehensive conversation course. Preparation and review via E-Learning is a prerequisite for the student. The contents consist of 20 levels, making it possible to improve step by step from the current level.

※ Levels 1-12 will be taken in parallel with the Great Wall Chinese E-Learning and Web Lessons.

Originally developed Business Chinese (Intermediate Course)

This standard Business Chinese textbook integrates the elements of “hearing, speaking, reading, writing.” Contents are close to real-life, making it suitable for those who have a certain level of basic Chinese-language ability. There are 25 units, centered around stories taking place in an office, related to corporate culture, entertaining with a meal, business meetings. The course enables the study of “useful and high-quality” Business Chinese, using direct and concise learning methods.

For more information, please check:  Classroom Instructions.pdf

Payment Methods

Via Paypal (add 6% for Paypal charges). Paypal will send you payment details.

Via Telegraphic Transfer T/T (sender bears both sender and beneficiary bank charges). Our bank details are as follows:

                Account Name: POLYGLOT CONSULTING (BEIJING) LTD. CO.

                Account No.: 010 9127 5100 1201 0700 1744

                Bank Name: BANK OF BEIJING, BEIJING, CHINA


                SWIFT Code: BJCNCNBJ


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