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School Individual

The most flexible and effective class size for students to create their own course with flexible study schedules and durations. Shuoba! courses are all encompassing in nature, which means that students will learn to listen, speak, read and write, with emphasis on oral skills. The following are further details of our courses: Flexible schedule means you can create your own study schedule based on your study objectives and around your other commitments. 

In individual classes, teacher teaches the student according to their Chinese proficiency level, to improve on the weak parts of their Chinese like pronunciation, reading, speaking, listening or writing; students speaking time occupies 70%-80%. 

If you want to improve your spoken Chinese, pass HSK, business Chinese or other special courses very quickly, we highly recommend individual classes.

You may study at any one of Shuoba! language centres -- 3 centres in Beijing (Wudaokou, Jianguomen and Hujialou), 1 centre in Tianjin and 1 centre in Tokyo.

Besides, we can also send our teachers to your workplace or home to teach you at your convenience.

Shuoba! Chinese Class Payment





You may cancel 1 scheduled lesson per week. Additional cancellations will be deducted from your total number of classes.

You may re-schedule a scheduled lesson. However, you are limited to 2 times per week only.

You may apply to extend the validity of the package once. The min. extension period is 1 month. 


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