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Business Chinese


Business Chinese course is designed for intermediate students (corresponding HSK level 4 or above.) Students will learn Business Chinese, Chinese business culture and etiquette etc. Through lively reconstruction of a business environment, students can learn Business Chinese without even realizing it!


We offer two class size options: private class or small group class. We also offer students the most flexible class time, schedule and duration, which is very suitable for office workers or businessmen. Business Chinese course offers three levels: intermediate, advanced and case study. The following are details of our Business Chinese course:


E-Learning for Business Chinese

This business Chinese course combines listening, speaking, reading and writing, with a focus on spoken Chinese, delivered in a relax and humorous style, close to real-life situations, and suitable for students with basic Chinese ability. There are a total of 25 chapters in this course. The main theme of this course is an office setting; introducing all kinds of business situations, for example, office culture, business meals, business activities, business negotiations, etc. Students will get to learn the most useful and interesting business terms in the most direct and simple way. Not only will you get quick results in knowing how to fluently use business terms, but will also get to know the workplace culture in China.  Students will be able to handle workplace issues in China, not only skillfully and easily, but also demonstrate extraordinary talent. 

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