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Written Chinese


We use the Experience Chinese series Writing Courses which was formulated by the Confucius Institute. This textbook adopts the “Cycle” method to help improve statement, explanation and discussion in written expression. At the beginners’ level, we try to help students import the characters, grammars and vocabularies to writing expression; at the intermediate level, our aim is to enrich all kind of phase types in writing experience, whilst training the students on how to express in Chinese accurately; at advanced level, we train the students from normal phases and paragraphs to real narration, exposition essays, argumentation and improve the appropriateness of expression. Using conversation topics as the mainstay, we combine language training and meaning expression, students not only learn characters, grammars, vocabularies, punctuation, etc., but also writing methods for notifications, announcements, etc. through explanation +practice +correction composition.


在线咨询 9:00-18:00