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Chinese Traditional Culture


Chinese Kung Fu 
Chinese Kung Fu, also known as Wushu. Wushu is based on the martial arts, characterized by sequences of fighting movements. This sporting event focuses on the cultivation of both the internal and external body. Wushu is a valuable cultural asset accumulated by the Chinese people over many years. 
The Chinese name for Kite is 风Feng(1) 筝Zheng(1). In ancient times, a kite was no more than a paper structure which could fly in the wind. Only until the late Tang dynasty did people attached a whistle to these paper structures, which when flown in the wind, let out a melodic sound like a musical instrument. Hence, the name 风Feng(1) 筝Zheng(1), literally meaning “Wind Zither”. 
Paper-cutting is one of the more popular traditional folk art, with a long history. In paper-cutting, the material used may be paper, gold/ silver foil, or even bark, leaves, cloth, leather, or other sheet material. It is mainly used for decoration. 
China Knots 
China Knots is another traditional folk art which embodies the uniquely, rich cultural heritage of the Chinese people. Different shaped knots have different meanings e.g. reunion, friendship, marriage, love, etc. 
Calligraphy is another discipline of the arts, where form actually exists, where form does not appear to exist! 
Dough-making is a simple, yet high form of traditional folk craft. It uses flour and glutinous rice as the main ingredients, adding colour, paraffin, honey and other ingredients, to form different kinds of shaped-dough. 
Peking Opera Faces 
Peking opera faces is a unique form of traditional make-up. The face is painted according to the characteristics and temperament of the different types of characters. 

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Folk Culture 
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Beijing History Folk Legend 
Solar Terms 
Ancient Chinese Poems 
Beijing Hutong China Classical Literature 
Tang poetry 
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Antithetical Couplet 
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